Here at PCL we are striving to make the earth a better place. That is why PCL have a number of different options to recycle your old uniforms so that they don't end up on a landfill site. 

Uniform Shredding

We understand that some uniform cannot be reused due to corporate branding, this is why we offer a uniform shredding service. You can send your old uniform to us and this will be held in a secure lock-up until it is collected and taken to the shredding plant.

Then using advanced technology the shredded clothing is then used to generate energy which is then fed back into the National Grid. 

All uniforms are shredded inline with BS EN15713:2009 Information Destruction Standards and a certificate of destruction is then issued. 

To find out more about this process please call us on 01296 663 220 or email


Reuse of Old Uniforms

Where possible we will always try and reuse your old uniform. Onsite we have a clothing bank where we can take old clothing, shoes, hats, gloves as well as other items you may want to dispose of!

Where necessary we can remove branding like tax tabs and labels before putting the items in the clothing bank. 

To find out where these items end up click this link


Recycled Uniform Ranges

What's more, we actually provide uniforms made from recycled materials, these include suiting, t-shirts and much more.

These items will be on our site soon but if you wanted to speak to us now about it please email or call 01296 663 220.