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What is tax tabbing?

Tax tabs are small, typically woven, labels discretely sewn into corporate clothing. They generally feature your company logo, name or colours and are designed to help negate tax issues for your business and your staff. It is becoming commonplace for tax tabs to feature in corporate clothing and uniforms as employers seek to avoid staff needing to pay tax on non-branded clothing issued to them by their employers free of charge. Tax tabs identify garments as being workwear rather than leisurewear since they carry a corporate branding element.

The tax tab illustrated in the picture here is shown just under the waistband on a pair of men’s workwear trousers.


Set-up charge - £150.00 per new design.

Each set-up includes 1,000 tax tabs to keep in stock.

Application – £2.00 per garment

Prices applicable to online orders only.