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What is tax tabbing?

Tax Tabs are a small label applied to garments, generally to identify them as a uniform, owned by the company, so they are not viewed by HMRC as a “benefit in kind” and adversely affect the wearer’s tax code. This means of identification must be clearly visible and non-removable. A name badge will not suffice. However, if a garment is otherwise branded with the company logo, e.g. embroidered or printed, this is also generally acceptable to HMRC.

The majority of our tax tabs are small woven labels which can be sewn into a number of areas of a garment. They are generally relatively discreet, e.g. in the side seam, the cuff or pocket of a shirt, waistband of trousers or skirt and pocket flap of a jacket.  

The size of the tab will vary according to the logo it carries.

As a guide, the most cost effective way to produce Tax Tabs is to make a minimum order batch of 1,000, which costs around £150.00 (15p each), depending on the design. PCL will provide a visual for approval (like the below), then manufacture, store and apply them as required.

For further information/quotation please contact us or upload your logo here.