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“The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle. Embroidered work or ornamentation. Elaboration or embellishment, as in telling a story”

As suggested in the description, embroidery is an art and not a science. This wonderful method of personalisation enhances and gives a garment a high perceived value and our skilful designers can bring even the simplest of logos or designs to life or provide an outstanding reproduction of a complicated logo.

Embroidery cost is determined by the number of stitches in the design, which directly relates to its size and intricacy and resulting time it takes to run on the machines. It is a relatively slow process, even when using multi-head embroidery machines and should not be rushed. Each garment has to be individually handled; backing applied and placed in an embroidery hoop so there is no movement when on the machine, to ensure optimal reproduction.

Customers are provided with a sample of their embroidery for sign off before application to garments, so it is always good to allow a little longer for an order where a new embroidery is involved to allow sufficient time for set up and sampling and to make any necessary tweaks to the embroidery. Once embroidery is applied to a garment it is virtually impossible to remove!


Set-up charge - £25.00 per new design

Small design approx. 7-8cm wide - £2.50 per garment

Large design approx. 15-20cm wide - £5.95 per garment


Prices are applicable to online orders only and subject to sight of artwork. Artwork to be provided in high resolution format or artwork charges may apply.

Please view our Artwork Guidelines for more information.