Top 5 Business Casual Winter Uniforms for Men

Business Casual is a smart way to dress up as it is a mix of both casual as well as formal wear. It is a type of nonsensical dress code that makes people feel more at ease.

While fashion and function go hand in hand, during winter, there is a primal desire to keep ourselves warm. The need for protective clothing is so high that fashion takes a back seat. However, it is not the case anymore. Business casual uniforms for men are a seamless way to blend fashion and function. It meets both the aesthetic needs as well as the insulative piece of clothing that you need for winter.

In this post, we share five essentials you will need to create business casual workwear for your staff. 

Top 5 Business Casual Winter Uniforms for Men

  1. Shirt

The shirt is an essential element of business casual. The main benefit of business casual is that it allows you room for style. That said, you need to conform to your company culture before styling the outfit for your staff.

Typically, a tie is avoided in business casual, so, we recommend that you choose a shirt with a fitted button down collar that falls well around your neckline.

While slim-fit shirts are your best bet, they may not fit all body types, so you can stick to classic-fit shirts. Regardless of the type of fit you choose, make sure that your business casual shirt is always tucked in as it will be more prominently on display.

Guidelines for a few industries

  • White collar jobs

Choose long-sleeved dress shirts like the Oxford with classic collars in light blue or white. Stick to traditional patterns such as plain or stripes.

  • Startups and creative roles

Opt for trendier and casual. Flamboyant patterns are more likely to work like magic here including rolling up your shirt sleeves. You can also consider choosing a smart polo shirt if you are working in a tech startup.

  • Sales and service roles

As a rule of thumb, if your job involves you being client-facing all the time, you should consider more formal corporatewear. That said, a button-down collared shirt is a great option for those in sales, trade, or other client-centric service roles.

Here at PCL Corporatewear, we have a wide range of short sleeve and long-sleeve shirts from leading brands such as Brook Taverner, Russell Collection, Henbury, Kustom Kit, and more.

  1. Trousers

Chinos and jeans are business casual staples and they are not going out of fashion anytime soon. As a rule of thumb, choose jeans that fit right whether that be straight of skinny fit and opt for straight leg chinos for a more classic look. 

In addition to chinos and jeans, you may also want to consider Brook Taveners new tailored fit cargo trouser which we predict will be a very popular choice for business casual workwear in 2023. These trousers have the style of a cargo trouser with leg pockets but the fabric of a corporatewear suit so give a smart causal look for many industries. 

  1. Jackets and blazers

For a classy look, you can add a jacket or blazer to your business casual outfit. They are best suited for those in banking, accounting, or the law. Jackets or blazers are great when you need to attend an unexpected last-minute meeting. It can add a touch of formality to any business casual workwear. However, stick to subtle patterns and dark colours.

  1. Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans not only keep you warm during colder months but also add style to your business casual uniform. However, avoid loud patterns and stick to neutral colours like brown, beige, black, or navy. Make sure that the sweater or cardigan matches your pants or denim. Avoid clashing. As far as possible match the colours instead of wearing similar colours.

  1. Accessories

Make sure to accessorize in a way that shifts the formality of your overall outfit. To soften a more formal business casual look, you can add a casual watch, good-quality glasses, shoes, and a belt.

Types of fabrics you can consider during winter for corporatewear

  • Cotton 

Suitable for the base and middle layers, cotton fabrics will never go out of style. While cotton won’t particularly helpful in keeping you warm, it ensures the rest of your ensemble breathes and reduces sweat.

  • Flannel

Flannel is not a pattern like most people believe it to be. It is a type of fabric. It was originally made from woven wool but now it is integrated with different fibers such as nylon, cotton, and polyester. Flannel is finished using a process known as napping which gives it a unique fuzzy appearance and feel. Napping allows flannel to be warm and soft without being heavy.

  • Wool

Wool is more suitable for middle or top layers. Wool is the warmest fabric in your attire so it can be used as a middle layer such as a sweater or an outer layer such as your suit jacket or a coat.

  • Denim

You can include universally appealing items such as dark denim for your staff’s business casual workwear. You can add a denim shirt or jacket as a middle or top layer. However, make sure to limit your ensemble to one layer of denim

  • Leather

Leather jackets are a classic addition to your business casual look. Safe to use for outer layers, it will also protect you from the elements.


Put simply, it can be said that business casual uniforms for men include a button-down shirt, jeans or chinos, and nice shoes. Business casual ensures men look stylish even when they are not wearing formal clothes at work.

At PCL Corporatewear, we have a wide range of shirts, pants, and accessories in a variety of colours and sizes. These branded products are customizable and suitable for different types of businesses. To know more, give us a call and we will be delighted to help!

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