Is the Suit Going Out of Fashion?

Suits are one of the quintessential ensembles for workwear. However, for a few years now, we’ve been drifting away from corporate wear and with the pandemic, most business leaders believe that the formal dress code in the office is dead.

Also, with many people working remotely or working from home has meant they can pretty much wear what they please. Unless they have a video conference with colleagues or clients casual wear has become the norm. In fact, a survey revealed that around three in ten Brits would like to ditch formal office dress codes completely.

In a poll of job seekers, 48% of people are happy with smart casual wear, while 28% don’t believe in having any dress code. However, 24% of people are tired of casual workwear and would like to wear suits not only in offices but also for video calls.

Also, the people who would like to get the dress codes scrapped are in favour of more relaxed workwear. However, 8% are firm on casual wear with even shorts and flip-flops being acceptable.

While there’s no problem with completely casual work attire, the benefits of wearing a suit to the office can’t be ignored. Many business leaders still believe in the value of dressing for success. They believe that wearing a suit represents the business appropriately and empowers employees in addition to looking smart.

Suits in modern times

Many companies today have opted for smart casual workwear. In fact, a survey published in The Independent revealed only one in ten employees wear a suit to work regularly.

A poll of 2000 UK workers showed that most office employees today are more likely to be wearing jeans or chinos or button shirts, blouses, and skirts with smart trainers or loafers. Of these, 70% of the employees revealed that they dressed casually for work because they felt more comfortable.

Again, 20% believe that casual clothing brings out their personality and thus helps them perform better. Also, 50% of the employees said that casual work clothes are more affordable to wear and can be tossed in the washing machine for cleaning while suits need to be dry cleaned.

Despite many employees being comfortable in casual clothes and performing better as a result, can suits be still worn to work? Many business leaders believe that suits can be worn in meetings as they look smart and professional.

Power of dressing

Scientific research and a few studies have proved that wearing a suit can make employees feel more empowered and help them succeed. The studies also reveal that dressing smartly can make employees more decisive and focused.

With modern co-working spaces and flexible workspaces gaining momentum, employees are getting the leeway to wear what they like. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to dress down.

Regardless of the numerous arguments and endless discussions, we firmly believe that suits will never go out of fashion.

So, if you’re considering suits as an option for staff uniforms, go right ahead! You can add accessories to the suit to create a variety of different looks that also speak about your taste. The suit, in our opinion, is taking on a new role. With that in mind, we at PCL Corporate Wear have a wide collection of suiting and business wear for men and women.

These pieces are comfortable, progressive, and suitable for everyday wear. Our apparels are from leading brands such as Brook Taverner, Premier, Tee Jays, and others that add a touch of formality with a lot of functionality. In other words, our suits are high-fashion item and blends perfectly with the post-pandemic world.


There’s no denying that suits have become something that most men and women wear only when absolutely necessary or when companies have strict protocols in place. However, the suit has a new role to play in today’s era and those who want to take it in new directions can do it without any hassles. So, we say that the suit isn’t dying, it is just beginning a new phase.

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