How to Take Care of Your Work Clothes – The Ultimate Guide

A smart, stylish staff uniform can create a strong first impression on customers. That said, it is not just the design and decoration of the work uniform, its state of cleanliness makes a difference as well.

Employees who wear clean and crisp uniforms not only look extremely professional but also are better equipped to perform their duties better. In fact, keeping your uniform/workwear clean is a legal obligation in some industries. For example, cosmetics, medical or food sectors have high hygiene standards and employees must comply to their standards and ensure they wear clean staff uniforms.

Keeping all these points in mind, it is quite clear that regardless of the industry the company uniforms have to be clean. So, if you are wondering how to keep your uniforms clean, we got you covered!

Depending on the industry, different garments need different levels of cleaning and care. In this post, we have shared cleaning requirements of a few staff uniforms.

  1. Beauty and cosmetics uniform

Those working in the beauty and cosmetics industry are probably the most under pressure to look incredible all the time. Most of the tunics, blouses, dresses and other apparels used as beauty and cosmetics staff uniforms are suitable for the washing machine. However, a few garments may come with separate washing instructions. Do check the label to see if there are any other restrictions.

  1. Corporate Workwear

A shabby formal workwear can not only ruin your first impression but also tarnish your company’s image. So, it is imperative to wear impeccable formal wear at work. Typically, shirts, trousers, blouses and skirts are washing machine washable but delicate items such as suit jacket or blazers and waistcoats may need professional cleaning. Dry cleaning or professional cleaning will ensure you get neatly ironed and looking good as new apparels to wear.

  1. Sportswear

There’s no denying that outdoor sportswear is bound to pick up mud stains or grass but even indoor games can result in uniforms drenching in sweat and dirt. Sports uniform is perhaps among the easiest uniforms to keep clean as they are made of material resistant to high temperatures and can easily be washed in the machine.

  1. Healthcare Uniforms 

One word that comes to mind when talking about healthcare is- hygiene. Medical scrubs and other forms of uniform must be spotlessly clean. Keeping that in mind, healthcare uniforms must be washed at high temperatures to help remove all the stains and bacteria.

  1. Construction Staff Uniforms

PPE and hi-vis clothing are probably most widely used by those working on construction sites. These jobs may require the employees to be visible all the time and so it is important to keep those retroreflective materials free from dirt and germs as they can hinder their performance. That said, hi-vis clothing can be damaged when washed at very high temperatures or with certain chemicals.

To avoid any major damage to the fabric, make sure to turn the garment inside our before washing in the machine. Also, use a mild detergent and set the water to lukewarm temperature. Again, we recommend that you read the label carefully.

Additional Workwear Tips

  • Use antibacterial wipes to clean waterproof item such as chemical protection gloves. It is an effective way to get rid of chemicals or germs. Chemicals on Aprons and gloves if left unattended can be devastating especially in the catering industry.
  • Protective footwear is the key to your work uniform. Shoes with grippy soles offer more stability when walking through the kitchen. So, ensure you choose footwear appropriate for carrying out your tasks.
  • Clean different items separately. For example, avoid deep cleaning your restaurant overalls with chef’s tea towels or hats. Also, clothes meant to protect you from chemicals shouldn’t come in contact with clothing that you wear to handle food.
  • Use disposable items whenever possible. Disposable overalls and shoes can increase the life span of your work uniform by providing extra protection especially for messy activities. You can use disposable gloves and overalls when you’re handling raw ingredients and change into a fresh set when handling cooked ingredients.
  • Replace worn items. While proper cleaning ensure that your uniform will last longer, it doesn’t mean that you will never need replacing. Aprons and footwear will need replacing sooner or later or they can be hazardous to your health. So, make sure to replace your work uniform when they aren’t performing at their best.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the industry, you must ensure that your staff workwear is spick and span. Typically, staff uniforms last anywhere between one to four years depending on the fabric they are made from. 

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