5 Corporate Clothing Tips that will Change Your Life!

When it comes to your employee’s corporate clothing, you must ensure it is recognisable and as established as it can be. Here, we share a few tips that will enhance your corporate clothing.

  1. Planning Helps

Making decisions about what you and your staff should wear to work can be a difficult decision especially for busy workers. Planning can help, so ensure you take some time to plan and create the right uniforms for your staff. You will have to consider any special requirements or duties staff will be carrying out whilst wearing the uniform including the different weather conditions and any safety precautions.

  1. Choose classic corporate uniforms

To play it safe, you can always choose classics to be part of your staff uniform clothing. For men, you can choose cotton shirts that are always professional and conservative or for a more casual look you could choose a simple polo which is both smart and comfortable. Make sure to choose neutral colours to ensure it fits your evolving business needs. You can pair your top with a classic workwear trousers such as a chino or cargo trouser these are durable and comfortable making them ideal for everyday workwear. Complete the look with classic black or brown ‘Oxford’ style shoes.

For women, you can choose a fitted shirt and layer it with a flattering sweater or blazer and pair it up with a well-fitting trousers or A-line skirt. Additionally, you can choose plain or subtle printed blouses or dresses in neutral colours. If you want an even safer option, choose the little black dress. You can never go wrong with that! To complete the uniform look, opt for classic flats or pumps. Try to avoid sandals and open-toe shoes.

Brook Taverner’s business casual range is a great place to start for creating this simple classic look. Take a look at our website for the full range.  

  1. Avoid cheap accessories

Avoid any accessories that will make you look cheap. Overloading with accessories or bulk jewellery is a strict no no when it comes to corporate clothing. Elegance is the key. That doesn’t mean you need to go without any accessories. You can opt for smaller, classic pieces that will complement your style more easily. 

A great option would be to accessorise with a bespoke scarf or tie that matches your corporate brand and adds a touch of colour to a neutral uniform. With low minimum orders a bespoke scarf or tie can make a stock uniform look like a bespoke, unique uniform that has been designed specifically for your business. PCL Corporatewear offers a full design service and can help you create a look that fits your corporate image.  

  1. Colours 

Colours play a significant role and if you understand the relationship between colours, you will have better ability to coordinate the colours for your workwear. Below, we have mentioned the three most organised combinations.

  • Triad colours

These colours are equidistant from one another on the colour wheel and bring out a balanced form of contrast. It works well for workwear with multiple pieces such as a suit or skirt and top. That said, choose neutral colours.

  • Complementary colours

These colours are opposite on the colour wheel and creates a vivid contrast. Violet-yellow, blue-orange, red-green combination of colours falls under this group. When used with neutral colours such as black, white or grey, complementary colours create a look that will help you stand out.

  • Analogous colours

Analogous colours are next to each other on the colour wheel and provide consistency to your workwear. These colours are perfect for office outfits since it offers minimum contrast showing professionalism and restraint.

  1. Professional corporatewear and business casual

Every business has its own requirement and you should understand them well before selecting your corporate wear. That said, most workplaces have two main types of dress codes- professional corporatewear and business casual.

Professional corporate wear is more conservative and usually preferred if the business deals with large corporate clients, especially in industries such as finance and legal. While men are expected to wear a formal suit, business shirt, leather shoes, belt, and tie, women should wear a smart suit trouser or skirt with a blouse or top, and closed-toe shoes.

On the other hand, business casual is less formal but a smart way to dress up. It is the preferred dress code for office industries. Men can wear a suit trouser or chinos, shirts with collars, sweaters and leather shoes. Women can wear trousers or skirts with a stylish button-down shirt or a simple dress with subtle heeled shoes.

Whatever your staff clothing needs are, PCL Corporatewear has a wide range of polos, chinos, trousers, skirts, dresses, and more in a variety of colours and sizes. We can even apply your company logo or text using our in-house embroidery service.

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