BDCH launched a colourful new identity in 2018 and we were honoured and delighted to be chosen to work with them to develop a new uniform range and to explore and test the various branding options suitable for their new corporate identity and logo.

In addition to the normal challenges faced when providing staff uniform, we also had considerations relating to the working environment eg. pet hairs and claws, indoor and outdoor usage, weather conditions and mud, all an integral part of animal care!

The BDCA new bright blue colour was key to the range and a number of garments from all categories were tested, together with embroidered, transferred and screen printed logos, in various colours on alternative coloured backgrounds. After several meetings at BDCH’s Battersea HQ, a definitive branded uniform range, including cotton polo shirts, trousers and soft shell jackets, waterproof jackets was agreed and garments were prepared ready for photo shoot.

The full new BDCH uniform for all sites was rolled out in around four weeks and feedback from the team has been excellent. We are continually updating the range and have recently added bespoke long-sleeved polo shirts, pantone dyed to BDCH corporate blue, for the colder months.

Ongoing orders are received through our online portal and BDCH were the first company to use our new and improved customer specific ordering web shop which features better images, zooms, filters, and overall ease of ordering.