Top 5 benefits of Customised Corporate Uniforms for Your Business

Be it corporate or industrial, uniforms or custom clothing are becoming a mainstay in today’s business world but did you know that the first recorded uniforms were in England? Dating back to 1222, school uniforms were worn in England. That said, the current school uniform design did not come into the picture until the 16th century. According to sources, the Christ Hospital School in London was one of the first to adopt school uniforms in 1552.

Many people do not agree with the use of work uniforms. They believe that uniforms violate the right to free expression or that they don’t allow them to express themselves as they wish. However, uniforms serve a larger purpose than being just a brand identity. They bring discipline, trust, and devotion and even provide functionality and safety.

Companies that implement the use of personalised clothing for their employees can obtain several benefits.

Here Are 5 Benefits of Using Customised Uniforms

  1. Builds awareness

There’s no denying that organizations across the globe spend time, effort, and money in trying to gain as much awareness for their brand as possible. They spend a huge amount of money on various marketing techniques to attract more customers as well as to improve ROI.

A uniform can help raise awareness as it usually has your logo, name, and contact details on it. Be it shirts, trousers, t-shirts or socks, you can customise them to suit your business needs. Charity organizations can also make use of uniforms to raise awareness for the cause they are supporting. Uniforms could help them increase donations and even raise awareness amongst the general public.

  • Brilliant first-impression

First impressions do matter and it is even truer for companies as it can determine the relationships they will have with their customers. So, using customised branded workwear as uniforms for your employees is a great way to create a lasting first impression.

Put simply, by implementing customised uniform, you can create a reliable and responsible image in your potential customers.

  • Help you look the part

Fairly obvious, work uniforms help create a smart and professional image for your team. The way your team looks says a lot about your company and it could go a long way in keeping people interested in what you do. Team members that don’t look the part could give off the wrong impression which could turn potential customers away and lead them to look at other companies that appear more professional.

Staff dressed in customised uniforms may help you convert a potential customer into a loyal client who keeps returning to you because they like the way your company operates.

  • Free promotion

Custom workwear can provide free promotion for your company. Whether on the street or in the car, your employees will be in contact with more people while wearing the uniform which can help attract people to contact you. This way you can promote your business and gain more customers without paying any extra advertising costs.

  • Helps bring your team together

Customised uniforms have the power to bring your staff together. However, this aspect is often overlooked by business owners and management teams.

Most employees want to feel that they are part of an organization and uniforms can give a sense of togetherness and belonging which can boost employee productivity and quality of work. Both of which can help them grow as an individual as well as contribute to the growth of the business.


Put simply, customised corporate uniforms are a great way to help your team stand out and differentiate your business from competitors. Also, having an excellent image is a must to attract more customers and be ahead of the game. PCL Corporatewear is here to help, with an experienced team on hand we can discuss your uniform requirements and design a custom uniform perfect for your business.  Go ahead, give us a call on 01296 6322 or email to discuss your requirements today.

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