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Tips to Choose the Right Uniforms for Funeral Directors and Staff

Funeral directors and staff have an important role in helping families through one of life’s most difficult moments. As such, it’s essential that they convey a professional and respectful image at all times. One way to do this is by wearing appropriate staff uniforms. However, choosing the right uniforms can be a challenge, as they must strike a balance between practicality and respectfulness.  In this blog post, we’ll offer guidance on selecting the appropriate uniforms for different roles within a funeral organizing company, taking into consideration factors such as weather,... Read More

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What’s on the Tick List of Hospitality Industry Operators When They’re Ordering New Uniforms for Their Staff?

Stylish, individual, classic but cool, often an urban look for bars, durable, keen pricing, great size range, ease of ordering, ongoing availability, and of course ethically sourced! Improvements in fabric technologies, particularly those that are man-made, have had a significant effect on our industry. Gone is the need for harsh fabrics requiring dry cleaning to ensure durability. Today, finer materials, with stretch, breathability, and extreme durability that can withstand higher washing temperatures and have an overall longer lifespan are in demand. We are now seeing garments featuring recycled plastics. Our... Read More


Workwear Solutions for Working in the Electric Vehicle Industry

As the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is increasing, the electric vehicle industry needs to come up with solutions to clothe their staff. The automotive industry is changing rapidly and traditional mechanics are being replaced with ‘technicians’. Most technicians have been re-trained to maintain electric powered vehicles. However, electric vehicles contain high- level of electric charge and so the automotive industry have to protect their technicians by reclothing them with special staff uniforms so they can work safely. To meet the rising demand to protect technicians exposed to the... Read More


Is the Suit Going Out of Fashion?

Suits are one of the quintessential ensembles for workwear. However, for a few years now, we’ve been drifting away from corporate wear and with the pandemic, most business leaders believe that the formal dress code in the office is dead. Also, with many people working remotely or working from home has meant they can pretty much wear what they please. Unless they have a video conference with colleagues or clients casual wear has become the norm. In fact, a survey revealed that around three in ten Brits would like to... Read More


Work Uniform Ideas for Winter – Get Ready to Work in Style

Winter is around the corner and it is time to gear up for the season. Those who are returning to work post the pandemic may be at loss at what to wear as office uniform.  Whether your staff spends whole or part days outdoors exposed to the elements, we have put together practical ideas for winter work outfits. 1) Layering To help your staff stay comfortable and effective in cold conditions, you need to plan and do strategic buying. That said, layering is often misunderstood to just mean several layers.... Read More


Is Circular Economy the Next Big Thing for Businesses?

Currently, more and more organizations are implementing the circular economy, given the negative impact the textile industry can have on the environment. The ex-PM of the UK, Boris Johnson has pledged £80 million in support of a new 10-year initiative that will help create awareness of the Circular Economy across the nation. According to studies, the world’s fashion waste is expected to increase by 60% between 2015 and 2030. This means it will reach around 148 million tonnes which is equivalent to 17.5 kg of fashion waste per person on... Read More


How to Take Care of Your Work Clothes – The Ultimate Guide

A smart, stylish staff uniform can create a strong first impression on customers. That said, it is not just the design and decoration of the work uniform, its state of cleanliness makes a difference as well. Employees who wear clean and crisp uniforms not only look extremely professional but also are better equipped to perform their duties better. In fact, keeping your uniform/workwear clean is a legal obligation in some industries. For example, cosmetics, medical or food sectors have high hygiene standards and employees must comply to their standards and... Read More


Top 5 Business Casual Winter Uniforms for Men

Business Casual is a smart way to dress up as it is a mix of both casual as well as formal wear. It is a type of nonsensical dress code that makes people feel more at ease. While fashion and function go hand in hand, during winter, there is a primal desire to keep ourselves warm. The need for protective clothing is so high that fashion takes a back seat. However, it is not the case anymore. Business casual uniforms for men are a seamless way to blend fashion and... Read More


5 Corporate Clothing Tips that will Change Your Life!

When it comes to your employee’s corporate clothing, you must ensure it is recognisable and as established as it can be. Here, we share a few tips that will enhance your corporate clothing. Planning Helps Making decisions about what you and your staff should wear to work can be a difficult decision especially for busy workers. Planning can help, so ensure you take some time to plan and create the right uniforms for your staff. You will have to consider any special requirements or duties staff will be carrying out... Read More

benefits of Customised Corporate Uniforms for Your Business 25/07/2022

Top 5 benefits of Customised Corporate Uniforms for Your Business

Be it corporate or industrial, uniforms or custom clothing are becoming a mainstay in today’s business world but did you know that the first recorded uniforms were in England? Dating back to 1222, school uniforms were worn in England. That said, the current school uniform design did not come into the picture until the 16th century. According to sources, the Christ Hospital School in London was one of the first to adopt school uniforms in 1552. Many people do not agree with the use of work uniforms. They believe that... Read More